Do you have forms that staff fill in on a regular basis? Timesheets? Leave Applications? Travel Requests? Stationary Orders? etc. Can they fill them in electronically and email them to you? Or submit them via the corporate website? Isn't the electronic age great! But, what do you do with all the information that comes back? You can leave the forms on disk somewhere. You can leave the forms on the website. You can even leave them in your ever-increasing email files. But, what about the information? The information usually has to go somewhere. Someone has to know. Records have to be adjusted and so on. With most companies, the information has to get typed back in. This is into the corporate database if you have one or, at the very least, into the companys accounting system. What a drag! What a waste of time and effort! What a way to tie up otherwise-useful staff! How many hours get wasted? What does that cost in terms of wages? Worse still: what does it cost in terms of lost revenues? With EziFiler you never have to re-enter the information. With EziFiler you never have re-typing mistakes. With EziFiler your staff can do useful and interesting things. EziFiler enters information. It reads through all of the forms and does the retyping for you. It files the information: in your corporate database, or in your accounting system, or in both. Tested on Windows XP with Excel 2003. . EziFiler is licensed as shareware, the cost of the registered version is $95 and full download size is 0.49 MB. You can download a free version of EziFiler by following download link at Free Downloads section of this page. EziFiler is developed or distributed by GssEziSoft and is listed under business databases & tools.

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Form filling software to enter form data to your business systems. EziFiler is a shareware form processor. Do not retype the information into your corporate database or accounting system - EziFile it.

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 Publisher: GssEziSoft
 Cost: $95.00
 License Type: Shareware
 File Size: 0.49 MB
 Release Date: 5/5/2009
 Platforms: XP

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